Friday, March 9, 2012

Franken Friday

Hi lovelies, Friday is here! Yay! I hope you all have fun plans. We do, tonight we're taking my mom to celebrate! :D

Today's franken is a RED!  You already know I love it! LOL Ok, maybe it's more of a burgundy. Hehe  I usually play a while before I get the right color.  Well, this time I didn't get to play very long :(  I was in love with it on the first try. While I do love it, it's not the color I was going for.  I wanted a more vampish look but forgot to add the black nail polish and I'd already filled the bottle :/  This is almost a one coater, Rimmels have great formulas but they leave bald spots.  I used 3 coats for more depth, but 2 would've been fine and topped with 2 coats SV TC.  None of my pics do this justice, I'm so bummed because I did not skimp on the glitter and wanted you all to see it.  But, once you go outside boy does this just sparkle, sparkle, sparkle! I added a video so you all can see at least some of the sparkle (It was night time, but it least you'll be able to some of the awesomeness) :D Please don't laugh my honey worked really hard on this. HEHE I hope you all like it. I've added a not so good pic of the Color Club nail polishes I'm giving away for this weekends mini giveaway. Have a great Friday :D

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