Monday, March 12, 2012

Scream Queen

Hi everyone :D It's Monday again! Time to start new! I hope y'all's weekend was great. It was a great one for me, it was a Bishop TD Jakes weekend.  If you've never heard him speak, you should :D Talk about keeping it real, he keeps it real! Welcome new followers, I'm so happy to have you here :D

Ok, Today, I have a franken polish from Spooky Bones, Scream Queen A Strange Polish. This is an orange red jelly with micro glitter and shard like glitter. The formula was great, it was kind of thin and thick, I know that makes no sense. I say that because a lot (thick) of polish stayed on the brush, but once I was painting my nails it was thin, but not too thin that it flooded my cuticles. A lot of the microglitter stayed on the brush, the shard like glitter was a bit tricky, I shook the bottle for each nail to make sure I got it on the brush.  Did I have to do this?  IDK, but this is what I sometimes do with my frankens, I figured it couldn't hurt.  I used 2 coats (if you're super awesome at painting your nails, you could probably do one) and topped with 3 coats of SV. It still had a textured feel though, so it may need an extra coat. Over all, I love this polish and will definitely be buying more from Spooky Bones! Great job Spooky Bones! Have a great day y'all :D

She has an Etsy store and sells her frankens for $7 or you can click here and check out her store.
                                                No Top Coat

2 coats of SV TC 


  1. I have never heard of this franken before so I had to check out her etsy store. Just added Are you afraid of the dark- Sardo to my wishlist. The hubby is going to hide my computer from me one day, I know it!

  2. You should start selling your own frankens!!!

  3. Jen, then you need to hide it first! Lol

    Elizabeth, one day :D

  4. Jen, I read about her on someone's blog, but I can't remember. I have another one, I hope it's just as good :D