Monday, October 31, 2011

Burgunday Flirt

Hi everyone, It's Halloween Monday! I have to take my mom to the Dr, so this will be short. Today I chose Rimmel. I love the formula it's like butter! I really really love the brush. It's round on one side and square on the other side. I used 2 coats and still think I need at least 2 more. If you know me, you know I don't like putting more than 2 coats. I got agro, so I decided to stamp with m64 so you couldn't see the bald spots. I can but maybe you can't :) It's topped off with SHAC Top Coat. Anyway, I swatched or I just did one finger of each color of the Gems and Jewels Collection from Zoya. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of them! They're like jewelry for your fingers! My fav is Izzy and it's pink! I know WHOOP WHOOP a pink I can wear w/o throwing up! You guys should have this collection for the Christmas holiday. There are six colors so I had to take two pics. Sorry about the name 'TWILA' Oh, don't worry you'll see the pic. Hehe O_O

I just love these colors!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not Like Butta

Hi Everyone, The weekend is almost ending. My honey is out of town on a business trip and that means I can play with my polish all day! :D Today I choose yellow because, I'd never choose this color. Much to my surprise, I like yellow. This yellow is from Nina Ultra Pro called Like Butta, not like butta but the formula is cool to work with. It's more a musturd yellow. Then I stamped with plate m60 and topped with SHAC Top Coat. I like this design, it's so versitile you can do it with so many other colors.The first pic is the best I could get to the true color. Have a great Sunday my friends :D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bang Bang!

Hi everyone, It's Saturday! Ok, yesterday I was playing with my stamping toys while listening to Melanie Fiona's Bang Bang. And came up with this mani. Before I go any further, let me say I in no way endorse violence in any way. I took this song as female empowerment. Women saying I won't take this sitting down. A man should NEVER under ANY circumstances abuse a woman! That said, I am just ecstatic about the way this turned out! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This is what I picture Melanie Fiona wearing in this video. This is Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, plate m21, konad red special polish, and SHAC Top Coat. My BF and I were at Walgreens and I was admiring this polish and he said I'll buy it. What a great BF :D I'm thinking he bought it because he liked the color too. HAHA! I'm posting lots of pics and the Bang Bang video sorry I'm just to happy with this mani! This is not my video, just sharing from YouTube. Have great weekend :D

                                                             Direct Sunlight


                                                                  Direct Sunlight

Friday, October 28, 2011


Hi everyone, Yay, it's Friday! Today I wanted to practice my stamping skills. I must say I actually did pretty good :) It kinda looks like a marble. I did try to marble once, it was messy :/ I won't say I'll never do a marble again, but this is a great substitute. I used Pure Ice Majic as my base coat, stamped with plate m63 using Savvy Golden Honey, and topped with SHAC Top Coat. Oh, Congrats to Anya for winning Project Runway. Now it's Project Accessory! Have great weekend :D

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi everyone the weekend is almost here! Whoop Whoop! Today I chose black for my mani. I have to say I LOVE IT! It's Wet n Wild Blackmail. What drew to the bottle was the orange shimmer, but once on it has green, yellow, and blue too! I was just all kinds of happy with the outcome. I topped with SHAC Top Coat. The formula was a bit thin but so easy to work with and the brush was awesome. My pics turned out poopie today, sorry :( Have a great day :D


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warrior Angels

Hi everyone, It's Pink Wednesday. Ugh, you all just don't know how me and the color pink do not get along! The ironic thing is I have more pinks than orange in my small collection :/ I love orange with my skin tone, but pink arrgghh! I had all kinds of trouble with today's mani! I used Orly for all my colors. I used Seashell as my base color, it has a little shimmer. Well, I wanted more shimmer :) So, I used Fifty Four. The bottle deceived me, it has more shimmer in the bottle. Even as I was applying the shimmer looked awesome on the brush, but not so shimmery on my nails. I was disappointed by this :( I do a cleanup after every nail, well the remover kinda changed the color of the polish by the cuticles. Then as my nails were drying, they started to peel (not all of them) and then much to my dismay the glitter dried all bumpy and stuff! NO BUENO! Ok, enough ranting. I stamped with BM03 using Oh Cabana Boy. I chose this design because it was the closest I could find to Warriors in Pink Angel Wings. You can't really see the stamp, but you get the point. Even though I ranted a lot today, I'm always happy to be painting my nails. Have a great day everyone :D

Angel Wings: Honor the angels who have passed after their fight against breast cancer.

I dedicate this mani to all the Warrior Angels in Heaven making sure we receive all the blessings we deserve :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hi everyone, The winner of Funky Frenchies giveaway is David! Yay for David! My blog says I have 12 followers, in actuality I have only 11. I gave everyone a number and went to to get the winning number.  David followed twice by accident so I just counted him once. Congrats to you David :D

Really Rio Stamped

Hi everyone! It's Tuesday and it's a beautiful day! For today's mani, all I did was stamp with BM03 using konad white special polish over yesterday's base color followed with 1 coat of SV. I didn't do it yesterday, because I really loved Really Rio alone. My stamping is improving, I think that's because I'm using the easy designs for now. Once I get better I'll start using the more intricate designs. I wanted to put 2 rhinestones in each design, but I only had enough for 1 :( and the design was supposed to be at an angle, but as you can see on two of my fingers it looks straight. Oh well, it still turned out great :D Have a great day. Don't forget I'll be announcing today's giveaway winner! Good luck :)

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hi everyone, I usually don't post more than once a day, but just wanted to let everyone know I will be announcing the giveaway winner tomorrow at 3:00 P.M. If you're not following now would be a great time. GOOD LUCK!


Hi everyone, I hope y'all's week is off to a great start. Ok, the other day told y'all I'd post some of my b-day goodies. What did I receive? You guessed it. NAIL POLISH! I have so much swatching to do, even the polish in the background needs to be swatched! I won't be posting the names unless you all want me to. Today's mani is a shimmery orange from Pure Ice called Really Rio. I think orange looks great with my skin tone. I don't have very much of it though. I should because I love this color! It looks like a bright orange juicy tangerine. This is a great summer color. The formula is great, kinda jelly and creme. It was a breeze to apply and the brush was great. I used 2 coats and no top coat I should've used 3. I took some direct sunlight pics, but I don't think they came out so hot. My fingers look digitalized, go figure. I took some indoor pics and those are the truest color. So, I'll just post both. Oh, and don't pay attention to my index finger, that's the finger I'm still trying to repair. Have a great day everyone :D
Sorry about the crazy alignment. I couldn't fix it and I didn't want to take a chance that I'd forget something.

Direct Sunlight

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hi everyone, It's Sunday and of course that means my honey will be watching blah blah (football) all day :/ On the bright side I get to play with my nail polish :D Today I have a metallic olive gold from butter london. I love the formula. I could have done 1 thick coat, but I prefer to do 2 thin coats. If I liked olives, I'd sure eat a metallic gold olive. LOL This color is awesome! Ok, my peeps. This is short so I can post some wedding pics. The Wedding was wonderful! I love my family so much! I hope you all enjoy the pics. P.S. The pic on the side is my grandma and me :D

My Brother and My BFF 

My Brother and my BFF giving the toast.

The Wedding Cake

The Grooms Cake

My Grandma and my Brother dancing. My Grandma wanted to dance all night! lol :D

My mom and Larry getting their dance on! (Larry is my sissy's BFF's husband)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hi everyone! Today my bff is getting married and guess what? She's marrying my brother! I'm so happy for them! Today's wedding mani is a deep grape. I chose this color because it's her color theme :D I love it! It has a silver shimmer to it. The polish is very pigmented I did you 2 coats, so it would be super dark. I added a decal to spice it up a bit and let me tell you this mani is very lovely. Ok, my friends I'm out. Gotta get ready. P.S. I'm only showing 3 fingers in the pics because, my index finger is still a bit crooked :/

1 coat SV Base Coat, 2 coats NYC Chinatown, 1coat SV Top Coat

Friday, October 21, 2011


Hi everyone, It's Friday! It's my birthday! Whoop Whoop! I'll post pics later of some goodies I received. This is going to be a short post. Sorry, I didn't post yesterday. I was super busy with my mom. Today's mani is one I did the other day. I went to get my eyebrows waxed and I asked them to file my nails down. Why did I do that? The girl butchered my nails! I grabbed her file and tried to save the worst, but when I got home and took a good look most of them were crooked! I don't have time to fix them right now, that's why I'm posting one from my warehouse. Anyway, back to my mani. I didn't think I was going to like this color, because it's the same brand I used for my Halloween mani and boy was that bright! But once on I was in love, love, love! Very pretty :D My only beef with this polish is the brush, the bristles stick out. Ok, I'm out. Have a great Friday :D
Direct Sunlight

1 coat SV Base Coat, 2 coats War Paint Beauty Slime, 1 coat Sv Top Coat.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hi everyone, It's Pink Wednesday. I'm quite happy with today's mani. I wanted something simple but elegant. I think I achieved just that. This polish is from Four East Cosmetics a gift set my niece Jasmin gave me for Christmas about 4 years ago. It's a hot pink and very girlie.  I'm ashamed to say I've never used it. (Sorry Jasmin) I don't know why I never felt the need to wear it because it's great! I also added decals to give it the elegance I wanted. I took a million pics trying to get the true color. No luck this is the closest I could get. The formula is ok you can see streaks in the pic that are not visible in person. I think there's something in the polish because after I added SV Top Coat it started peeling at the tips :/ (look at the corner of index and middle fingers) Sorry friends, the polish doesn't have a name or number just Four East Cosmetics. BTW I used 2 coats. P.S. I know why now! Beacuse the color is very deceiving in the bottle. The color on my fingers is so not what the bottle looks like! The color through the bottle looks dark rose. Have a great day :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi everyone, It's Tuesday and the cool front is here! I love it, I get to wear my boots! Ok, on to today's mani. Yesterday I went to Sally Beauty Supply to buy a smaller glass file and saw China Glaze Lubu Heels and just feel in LOVE! It's black with red shimmer so pretty. I'm not a fan of black polish, but this polish called my name and I had to get it. It's very sheer, I used three coats to get the full effect. I have to say since starting this blog I've come out of my comfort zone concerning colors I wouldn't normally use. Black and dark blue being two of those colors. I think, because I wouldn't take the time to properly care for my nails and now that I do take time and care when doing my nails I feel more comfortable with these types of colors. Now white needs to grow on me! Pic on side bar: Our 15 minutes of fame on GMA :D                                          
                                                Inside with flash
In the shade
Direct sunlight
1 coat SV Base Coat, 3 coats China Glaze Lubu Heels, 1 coat SV Top Coat.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Acid Orange

Hi everyone, Sorry this is such a late post, I was super busy today. My mini vacay was great! San Antonio is awesome and visiting with my sissy even better :D Today I decided to do a little something for Halloween.  The orange is from Hot Topic called Acid orange. I didn't care for the formula, it's very thick and streaky. But, it leveled out with the top coat. The picture didn't capture this orange. This is a neon orange and glows in black light.  I put this on and was like OMG this is bright! Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy. Have a great evening :D

1 coat SV Base Coat, 2 coats Warpaint Beauty Acid Orange, stamped with BM13, 1 coat SV Top Coat

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Emerald City

Hi everyone, It's Thursday! My new camera got here yesterday WHOOP WHOOP and I'm totally excited! I've been playing with it ever since! I got used to my iCamera and haven't figured this thing out so please bear with some crazy pics :D My honey and I are going on a mini vacay tomorrow! We're San Antonio bound in the A.M. I get to see my sissy and get lost in one of the best cities ever! For today's mani I chose green. It's a matted green and looks awesome! It was a breeze to apply and buttery smooth and only needed 1 coat, which I was thrilled about. It did get a bit grainy once it was dry. Still a great polish. I ended up putting a top coat so you can't tell it's matte. If I didn't delete the matted pic I'll post it. I don't have a lot of experience with stamping, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to practice. Since I choose a dark base color I figured any dark color to stamp would work so the flaws wouldn't be to noticeable. The first color I grabbed was a sky blue, but you can't tell it's blue. It just looks like I used the same color to stamp. I must say it looks quite good :)  and you can't really see where I had to re-stamp :) Ok my peeps I have to get ready for tomorrow. I may not post for the next few days, idk :0) P.S. The pic on the right side bar is me and my honey. Have a great day :D


1 coat SV, 1 coat Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City, 1 coat SV, stamped with BM19, 1 coat SV

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hi everyone, It's Pink Wednesday. On Monday I watched Five. I was teary eyed through the whole show. It hit home hard. Breast cancer, any cancer for that matter is horrible. Let's all do our part to spread the awareness. I chose Sally Hansen's Orange You Cute (why the color name has orange in it idk, because it's more dark pink than orange) with kisses stamped in honor of the "kiss the wall" scene form Five. I wish for everyone to kiss the wall. Have a great day :D
1 coat SV, 2 coats Sally Hansen Orange You Cute, 1 coat SV, stamped with kisses using Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Flirt and BM02, 1 coat SV

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nude Glitter

Hi everyone, Tuesday brings a nude look. I wanted something fresh and clean. If you know me, then you know I'm into everything bold and vibrant, lots of color so this is very tame for me and way off track, but like I said I wanted fresh and clean. This Sally Hansen was sheer, sheer, sheer. I used 3 coats and why I keep adding glitter to my nails idk, because it's a pain to get off! Anyway, I hope you all have a great day :D P.S. The pic on the left side bar is me and my baby boy. Isn't he handsome. Sorry ladies he's married! hehe :D
1 coat SV, 3 coats Sally Hansen Salon Peachful breeze, 1 coat Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope, 1 coat SV

Monday, October 10, 2011

My 1st Give Away!

Hi everyone, It's Monday! Yesterday, I told you all I was going polish shopping. Well, I boy did I shop! I couldn't resist $1 lipsticks! I came out with like 15 lipsticks and 12 polishes along with 2 Sally Hansen polish sets! Quite a steal since everything was under $1.20 except for the sets which were $4.60! As my title says I'm doing my very 1st give away! I'm soooo excited! One of my followers will be getting a Sally Hansen set of six polishes and their choice of 3 lipsticks! The give away will be done in a few weeks. The pic of the set is posted followed by the names. The set has nudes to pink to blue! GORGEOUS! This pic does them no justice, but on the bright side my new cam will be here soon. Good luck :D I hope everyone has a great start to the week!
From to left to right: Navy Baby, You Gurt Style, Orange You Cute, Sheer Pressure, Peachful Breeze

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Red Carpet

Hi everyone :D It's Sunday and that means it's football all day :/ On the bright side my honey is giving me his card so I can get some polish! WHOOP WHOOP! Today has been a dreary rainy day, I needed some color for my mani. I chose red, and OMG Sally Hansen's Red Carpet is the bomb! This is a great color to use at Christmas time. It's so buttery and creamy and a breeze to apply. It has a red sparkly shimmer to it. I used 2 coats, but should've used 3. I just love love love the color! Ok, now I'm off to polish shop! Have a great day :D The first pic is HDR and the second is with a flash.

1 coat Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat, 2 coats Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Red Carpet, 1 coat Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Top Coat Comparisons

Hi everyone :D It's Saturday! Today I don't have a lot of time to do a mani so, I thought I'd do a quick comparison of the top coats I use. Have a great day!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat:  My #1 choice. The formula is thick and easy to apply, the  brush is kinda straight. Nothing special there, but the dry time is awesome. I LOVE THIS!

Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat:  My #2 choice. The formula is very thin and needs very little on the  brush, the brush also straight, but it's long and I like that. The dry time is awesome too. It's my #2 choice
because the formula is a little too thin.

Seche Ultra-V: My #3 choice. The formula is not too thick not too thin. The brush is also straight. The dry  time is great too. This is my #3 choice because the bottle is black and I can't tell how much is in the bottle.

Now, about my Yellow Stopper experiment: I did see a difference in the color of my nails the four days I used it, but it looked caked on in the space between the polish and my cuticles. Almost like I applied too much, when in fact it was very thin. I don't think I'll be using it again, but who knows.

Friday, October 7, 2011

John Legend

Hi everyone, It's Friday! Tonight my honey and I are having movie night. We're watching My Sister's Keeper. I know it's kinda sad, but it's a moving story. Today's mani is motivated by John Legend, I was listening to 'Platinum and Gold' and this mani was created :D I used to have the CD but someone stole it :/ Anyway, I wanted some bling bling! It turned out exactly like I pictured in my head :D It totally rocks! I could've done just a gold and layered it with silver glitter polish and be done, but I thought that would've been too sharp. I wanted something soft so I sponged. Great job me! Hehe...Have great Friday :D

I'm putting 2 pics because I couldn't decide.
1 coat Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat, 2 layers Pure Ice Pure Ice Platinum, sponged Savvy Golden Honey Nail Lacquer, 2 coats Sally Girl mini silver glitter (sorry it doesn't have a name) 2 coats Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post. I've had a busy day. Today's mani was fast and simple but so elegant. Black and gold is always elegant and Chanel-ish. The gold is a Savvy brand. Nothing great about this brand. I think it'll have to be an awesome color for me to buy again. I could have gotten by with one coat, but out of habit I did two. The dry time isn't so great, even with the fast dry top coat. Two hours later when I showered the polish softened and dented :/ I'm not really into black so you'll see those two names a lot. o_O I have great news! My new camera will be here sometime next week! WHOOP WHOOP! Have a great evening :D

2 coats Yellow Stopper, 2 coats Savvy Nail Lacquer Golden Honey, 1 coat Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat, tipped with Wet n Wild fast dry Ebony Hates Chris, 1 coat Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink Wednesday

Hi everyone, It's pink Wednesday. Today I played with my konad plates (m61). I'm really nervous about showing this mani, but I'm gonna anyway O_O I think it turned out pretty good for my first time actually doing my whole finger. I learned several things 1. Be fast, very fast! 2. Be patient. 3. Add top coat in one application to avoid runs 4. Have fun :D What I like about this design is it's forgiving. What I mean is, if you don't get all the design on your finger you can go back and stamp where you have the bald spot. But, be careful. Man oh man taking yesterday's polish off was a total pain! It really stained my fingers! Ugh, I was like really! It took me forever to get the stain off and my fingers still look greenish :/ So please excuse my stained fingers :) Ok, everyone have a great hump day! P.S. The pic on the left side bar is me and my mom. Isn't she beautiful :):):):)

1 coat Yellow Stopper Top Coat, 3 coats Sally Hansen InstaDry Petal Pusher, 1 coat Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat, konad plate m61 with Sally Hansen InstaDry Flashy Fuchsia, 1 coat 60 Second High Speed Top Coat