Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Princess Sabra

Hi ladies and gents :D I hope y'all's week was off to a great start. I have just a quick post today.

Today, at school they're making us do mock job interviews O.o This is the part of school I that annoys me :/ I wanted something office appropriate but trendy at the same time. So, I chose a england Princess Sabra. I think I can pull this off without drawing too much attention to my hands. LOL  Like Princess Tears, the formula was just awesome, effortless application, like butter I tell you.  This is my fav of two.  When I put this on all I saw were My Baby Boy's eyes :D I love, love, love this polish! I used 2 coats and topped with SV, you could probably use 1 thick coat. Have a great day :D


  1. This looks amazing on you!! I need to get this one soon.

    Hope your mock interview goes well ;0).

  2. This is the colour I thought of when you decided to make a franken matching his eyes.

    I hope your mock interview was a success. ? Is it really a success if you're not interviewing for a real job? Anyway, I hope it went well :)

  3. Thank you ladies, It went great. I just go with the flow. I've interviewed, hired, and trained so many people. I'm like really, I have to do this :/