Monday, March 5, 2012

Starlight Covers

Hi everyone :D I hope y'all's weekend was great. I visited family, relaxed, went to church, and relaxed some more. All around great weekend! Now, it's Monday. The start of a brand new week and what a terrific week it's going to be! Oh, welcome new followers! I'm so very happy to have you here :D

Today, I have Sation a brand I had not heard of until I went to my new found beauty supply store.  This is glitterific and holorific!  And, it's RED!  I just love it!  The formula was like butter. The brush is wonky though.  It's square O.o  I thought it was going to open and spread, but it didn't. What saved this polish in my eyes was the awesome formula.  I could not stop looking at my nails, so much sparkle! I used 2 coats and 3 coats of SV TC.  Have a great day :D

I've added my polish survey for this weekends trivia mini giveaway for my international followers :D


  1. I had not heard of this brand until you mentioned it to me earlier, and I LOVE this colour!

  2. Such a gorgeous sparkly red. Now I want to check out this brand. Great find!

  3. Thanks Jen, It's like last weeks Color Club, but red. My moms says hot pink! lol

    Thank you Julie :D