Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Very Special Pink Wednesday

Hi everyone :D  FYI, this is a very wordy post.

Today I have a special post.  Last year my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after I started Funky Frenchies.  After 7 months, 2 surgeries, and 4 weeks of radiation. On Monday my mom got to Ring Out (more about that in pics section.)  Thank you M D Anderson Cancer Center for your outstanding care and support.  I don't know how I managed to take pics and then get my mom home because all I wanted to do was cry tears of joy.  I did cry, but I got my mom home first and then the dam broke!  All I could do was give thanks to God for casting his gracious hand of favor on my mom.  Someone asked me if I was mat at God, because my mom had cancer.  I'm like why on earth would I be mad at God?!  No, on the contrary I need God, He's my source of strength.  It wasn't easy, I think about the 2 hours (sometimes 3 depending on where we had to go) Monday thru Friday I had to drive to get her to her appointments.  The days I'd get little or no sleep because her appointments were so early in the morning I'd have to stay at her house and she'd be nervous and didn't want to sleep so I'd stay awake with her.  I think about having to change my school schedule to attend in the evening to get her to her morning appointments, then having to change my schedule again to attend school in the morning so I could get her to her afternoon appointments.  I remember after her last surgery she was so medicated (high) LOL!  She told me, "Who'd have thunk it?" As I was fanning her body and feeding her ice chips because she was so hot .  (She said that because I was the rebellious child and then doing my own thing as an adult.)  I tell you I wanted to feed her vegetables! (She hates veggies) LOL Anyway, we still have 3 years of Dr appointments, but right now my mom is cancer free!  How could I be mad at God?  He got and is going to get me and my mom through all of it.

Ringing Out
Ring this Bell
Three times well
It's toll to clearly say,

My treatment is done
This course is run
And, I am on my way!

Mom, I know you're not reading this, but I love you and will honor you all the days of my life! 

My mom with her radiologist and RN 

Mom, Because You Loved Me


  1. god is an awesome god!!! always and forever !!

  2. Minnie, this is beautiful! I'm glad to hear that your mom is still doing well <3

  3. Prayers and strength to you and your mom. Its not an easy road to travel. God bless you and your mom

  4. Such great news Minnie!!! I'm so happy to hear this. Continue to stay faithful!

  5. Oh wow! This is amazing. God is so good! Prayers for her continued strength and health.

  6. Thank you for your encouraging words :D