Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wing Fling

Hi everyone :D I hope you all are having a fabulous Pink Wednesday.

Today, I have another Color Club from their Take Wing Summer 2012 Collection.  This is a fabulous metallic/foil fuchsia.  I used 2 coats, but it's almost a one coater.  Then I layered Flame and Fortune over it and used 2 coats of CG Fast Forward TC.  Flame and Fortune is a shard like glitter and kinda reminds me of a feminine version of CG's Lux and Lush. You may need to put an extra coat of TC because the shards may stick up/out. I know because I scratched myself a few hours later.  I really love how this mani turned out though.  It looks so festive and girly! The pics do not do it justice I could not capture the awesomeness. I know the pics look the same, I just couldn't decide so you get to see two. LOL Oh, Sorry about the cray cray way I took the pics.  I broke my middle nail :(

Have a great day :D

I love the flash of color! 


  1. Flame and Fortune looks awesome!!! Where did you get it from? I've seen a few bloggers use it and I've never seen it sold before.

  2. Thanks ladies :D

    D'Anna I bought this at a nail supply store I recently found. OMG, they have a ton of CC!