About Me

Hi everyone,

My name is Minnie. I created this blog to indulge in my love of nail polish. My earliest memories go back to my childhood. I used to sit and watch my mom paint her nails and say to myself, "When I grow up I'm gonna have beautiful painted nails just like my mom!" I love her to pieces, she's my hero. I have 2 sons. David (My Baby Boy) and Erik (My Cowboy) They are the loves of my life and I'm proud of the men they're becoming. I have a brother and 2 sisters and they're pretty awesome! I'm the baby and I love it! We're a crazy, rambunctious, loud, awesome, and loving family! More than likely you all will be hearing about our craziness. Oh, and you'll be hearing about my faith in God from time to time :D

About the name Funky Frenchies. Before starting this blog all I did were funky frenchies, hence Funky Frenchies.