Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vermillion $ Painting

Hi my peeps! I hope y'all's week is going great so far!

Just a quick post. I have Finger Paints Vermillion $ Painting. Now, we all know I'd bathe in red nail polish, but I sure would shower with orange nail polish! I love this orange!  Normally I find Finger Paints very thin to the point of runny, but this formula was great! Such a great orange with gold shimmer. For this I used 2 coats and topped with SV TC. Have a great day everyone :D


  1. Oh! I love this! I've been wanting a good orange colour and I think this one is perfect!

    I hope you are feeling better! <3

  2. Ok, I'm clearly sleeping on Finger Paints. This is a beaut!!!! *adds a Sally's run to tomorrows to do list*