Friday, April 20, 2012

Dame Chou's

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had an awesome week :D I have no plans for the weekend, bummer because I'm such a social butterfly! Yeah right. LOL Anyway, I hope you all have better plans than I do.

Today, I don't have a franken to show y'all. I think skin care for us nail bloggers is very important. So I'll be doing a review. I was asked by D'Anna from Not Another Nail Blog if I would review her Luxurious All Natural Sugar Scrub. Of course I said yes! She has Coconut, Lime, Coconut Lime, Lemon, Lemon Lime, Orange, or Peppermint. I chose Coconut Lime. When I received it in the package I could already smell it! It smells yummy! Since it's all natural I really wanted to taste it, but thought I'd better not. LOL Anyway, turbinado sugar is larger than regular sugar and you don't want to rub skin off, you want to gently rub. The result was amazing! I say that because I compared it to my Mary Kay, with the Mary Kay I needed to use it every other day for baby soft hands, but with Dame Chou's I only needed to use it every 4 days. I actually like it a lot better. Way to go D'Anna!

Here's a list of the ingredients for the orange sugar scrub: raw unbleached turbinado sugar, organic honey from the local farm in Ann Arbor, 100% pure vegan food grade vegetable glycerine, and a pure sweet orange essential oil.

She has an Etsy store and sells these for $10. You can click here to get straight to her store.

                                                Here's some pics of her product.

Have a great everyone! :D

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