Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone, Sorry for the late post. I've been super busy with school and of course Funky Nails :D

This Thankful Thursday I'm thankful for my blogger buddy Not Another Nail Blog. I've been going crazy trying to make a collage for my Every Woman Collection and she offered to help. She saved me a ton of time and money. She did this free of charge and wasn't concerned with getting any credit. Wasn't that sweet of her. Thank you D'Anna, you rock! I'm so proud to be part of community of caring women/men :D Don't forget to check out her awesome blog and follow her on Twitter and Facebook too! "Every Woman" in this pic is a part of my life, thank you ladies for allowing me to use your pics!

Have a great day :D

I haven't added in the nail polish yet, but didn't she do such an awesome job!

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