Friday, April 27, 2012


Hi everyone, The weekend is almost here! Whoop Whoop! My plans are to go to school :( The good thing is I I don't have to set my alarm because I don't go in until 1:00. Anyway, I hope you all have way better plans than I do. Oh, wait! I do have awesome plans after school Saturday! I'm getting baptized! Yay! I'm nervous, but ready! :D

Ok, today's mani is Fatigues. I was going to name this one Battle Fatigues, but I didn't like the word "battle." It sounded to gruesome to me, so Fatigues it is :D I chose to use Fatigues over a dark green I had in my untrieds. I really love this color combo! Although, I did swatch Fatigues on a wheel over several different colors and it would like great over many different colors. I've also named the last of this collection Hooah! You can click here for the meaning. I hope you like it :D

As I was typing this, I couldn't figure out why some of my pics had a blue glare. Well, it's my dang window! It only took me 7 months to figure out! HAHA! Sorry about the blue glare.

Have a great day!

Here's on with flash 

For the Troops
Fatigues, Star Spangled Banner, and Hooha!


  1. Haha the "definition" of Hooah is cute :p Probably not the most suitable adjective for this collex, but still ;) This collex is looking good!

  2. This is the prettiest, dirtiest looking nail polish I have evah seen! LOVE IT! <3