Sunday, April 29, 2012

Self Reflection Sunday

Hi everyone, I hope y'all's weekend has been great so far :D

Today's topic is about being positive.I always try to be positive and share it with everyone. I think I always tried to encourage people to follow their dreams and do what made them happy, but I only did this when they were complaining about the unhappy situation they were in. Ok, don't get me wrong, when it came to my sons I always told them there wasn't anything they couldn't do/or accomplish. But, anyone else it was only when I had to hear about how unhappy they were. I was always like, if you don't like something, well, change it. I was kinda harsh about it. Not very encouraging at all. For example: I used to be in restaurant management for many years and had employees that just hated going to work and complained about being there. I'm like if you don't want to be here, well, find another job. I didn't understand why they were complaining, when there's so many others who would love to have their job.

I didn't actually start to see a difference in my attitude until last year, when I rededicated my life to God. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior a long time ago, but because I was so busy surviving I didn't put Him first in everything like I do now. Now that I do I see things a lot different. I want everyone to know how happy I am and that I'm not just surviving, I'm actually living the life God made just for me. I want everyone to know how much I've been blessed and how God's continuing to bless me. I wonder if my close family and friends have seen a difference? Anyway, now I want to know about everyone's life. I want to be an inspiration to others. I want to encourage them to pursue their God given talents. I want them to do what brings them joy, something they love so much that it doesn't even feel like work. For me that's nail polish. There's so much I want to do with my brand. Those things I won't share just yet, because those are only for God to know, right now anyway. Will there be naysayers? Why, of course there will be and to that I say; I can't control what others say/do/feel and they are entitled to say/do/ feel the way they want. I say this because I want everyone to know that just because there are these kind of people in the world, it doesn't mean you should let them keep you from pursuing your dreams. Ok, now I'm rambling. So, I'll stop here.

Have a great day everyone :D


  1. Thank you for sharing! I shall learn from you and celebrate life too!

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