Friday, April 13, 2012

Franken Friday

Hi everyone, I hope you all have some fun plans this weekend. My sister's birthday is this weekend. My sister was in the Army for about 22 years and this is her first birthday home in 23 years! I'm so happy we get to celebrate it with her! Yes, we saw her in that time, just not on her birthday. Just thought I clarify that. LOL

Ok, yesterday I announced I've decided to start my own indie brand Funky Nails. If I'm not using already made polishes to create mine, does that mean they're still considered frankens? Anyway, I'm going to show you all a sneak peak of what's to come in June. I'm not showing them on my hands, because they're still jacked up :( Before I get to the pic I'm posting a song by Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan, I'm Every Woman. This was not the inspiration for this collection but it is fitting, to me anyway :D I just love Whitney. I remember my first ever cassette of hers, yes I said cassette! LOL I was in the 6th or 7th grade. Anyway on to the video :D

In the sun.

They have no names yet, but here they close up :D

Ok, this one would not play nice! It's not black. This is a deep plum with a burgandy shimmer, very vampish and bold.

In the shade

Ok, there you have it, my first collection Every Woman. I worked really hard and had so much fun working on these and hope you all like them. Can you all guess my fav? HEHE :D 


  1. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here!

  2. The red is your fave and I need it in my life ASAP!!! Gorgeous!!

  3. These are ALL gorgeous colours!!! <3

  4. I'm beyond excited to get my hands on these. ^___^