Friday, April 6, 2012

Putting On The Ritz!

Hi everyone :D It's Friday! WHOO HOO! Three days out of the week I don't have to set my alarm and I always say I'm gonna sleep in. Well, that doesn't happen. Unless, 30 extra minutes is sleeping in :/

In the past two weeks I've had five tests and I'm all studied out. I've been so busy studying I haven't had time to go through pics and edit them. I'm so behind that I've been actually wearing the manis I've been posting. On a different topic. My middle nail broke, I was like, really! So, I filed them down to the nubbins. I'm going to shape them oval. Right now they aren't to attractive looking :( Ok rambling and on to my mani.

Today's franken comes from the vault and isn't mine it's DollishPolish Putting On The Ritz! I really love this black and white glitter. It would go great with just about any color, so many options with this. I chose to wear it over Rimmel Stiletto Red. When I put this on, I instantly thought of Cruella Deville. LOL The formula was great and I didn't have to fish for glitter. I think I used 2 coats, I can't remember. If you want a smooth feel then I think a good thick coat of SV should do the trick. I kinda liked the textured look and feel. She has an Etsy store and sells her polish for $8, you can click here to check out her store.

Have a great day everyone :D


  1. That's a pretty cool polish, thanks for sharing. I love etsy...also, I hope you rest up today for a fun weekend!

  2. Nice mani! I love adding glitter on top of most colors!

  3. I really think I NEED a black and white polish