Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone :D It's Thankful Thursday! WHOO HOO

Today's post is all about my BFF :D We met in High School in 1988. I'd already had My Baby Boy and she was about to become pregnant with her baby girl Sara from Lacquer Addictions. She's my oldest and dearest friend. She's been here for me without fail practically my whole life. We've done some really crazy things together. Once we had this crazy idea to give each other bikini waxes, which was an epic fail! I'll never forget it. We told our kids, "Y'all stay over there and don't come in the room!" LOL They were with their dad in the other room. He told us, "Y'all are crazy!" HAHA Then one time I was at her house and told her I wanted to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes like Carrie from Sex in the City. She's like, "Ok :D"  So, the next morning I made some coffee, put some cream and sugar, took a sip and almost puked! So, when she get's home from work I told her about my coffee disaster and how awful it was and she said, "Minnie, did you use the sugar in the clear bowl with strawberries?" I'm like, "Yes." Then she says, "That's salt!" LMBO! Last year we went to NYC and went to eat at Sangrias and she tells the waiter, "Quiero un orden de chorros." Me and the waiter look at each other like has she lost her mind?! I told her, "You mean churros?" OMG that was too funny! For those that don't know what that means. She said, "I'd like an order of diarrhea." HEHE The next day we saw this video store and we're like, "Ooo, let's check it out." So we're looking at videos in the front and walk farther into the store and she's looking left and I''m looking right and then I'm looking left and she's looking right and then we're like, "WTH, this an adult video store!" So, we practically run out of the store and then look at each other and just burst out laughing! Only us could this happen to! LMBO. We've done crazier things but you get the point. Now My Baby Boy is married to her daughter Samantha. Now the crazier part is now she's married to my brother. No, he's not Samantha's father! Either my family has a thing for her family or her family has a thing for my family. HAHA Anyway, it get's way too complicated to get into for this post. All that matters is she and my brother did not meet until way after our kids were born. Now, we'll forever share the same family and be grandmothers to the same baby. She is my laotong. I love you best friend! Thank you for being one of the best parts of my life!

We were going through some things and one day I was listening to Joel Osteen and thought I'd share what I told her from that message.

Our lives have been divinely linked together. God connected us to together to make us better. I cannot write my life story without including you and you cannot write yours without including me. I love you :D

                                                Us last year in NYC

I found this song about 2 years ago


  1. Wow, that is TOO cool! :) Awesome story! :)

  2. This is so sweet- I loved reading this post!

  3. Yea, Ms. Julie is an awesome person!! I definitely have been blessed for having her as my boss for the years that I have! Very cute post and funny stories! Enjoyed reading it!