Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pink Wednesday

Hi everyone :D I know I've been away for a minute. I've been really busy with school and other things. I hope you all are having a great week so far.

Today, I have Funky Nails :D I wasn't going to show this, but it saved me from having to go through my stash to see what pinks I have. This is a red based pink, more of a hot pink. It has a ton of shimmery mica and mega ton of pink glitter. When I was created this, I had to step away from what my color preferences are and literally closed my eyes and said a little prayer to be to do this color. And, I love it! Maybe I'm a little biased. LOL! I have some Funky Nails news. I'm not going to get into much detail, but this isn't the only collection I'll be debuting in June :D I have another, possibly one more. Ok, that's it no more! HEHE! Back to the mani, I only have two pics to show, because I'm still trying to repair the damage I did to my nails :( I was doing a good job until yesterday when I was testing one of my polishes over black. Why did I chose black, it's so predictable. Anyway, I tried everything to get my cuticles clean, even soaked in bubble white and nothing worked. So, because of my gross black lined nails I'll only post two pics to spare y'all :( The one in the shade is the truest color. In the pic it's a little darker though.

Have a great day y'all :D

In the shade.


  1. Really pretty colour! And your cuticles aren't bad at all! Can't wait to see your full collection(s) ;)

  2. Very pretty Minnie!!! And you're such a tease, lol. Looking forward to hearing more about the frankens ;0).