Monday, April 2, 2012

Stiletto Red

Hi everyone :D Monday is here again! I always look forward to Mondays. This was not always the case. I used to be like almost everyone else and dreaded Mondays. Then, last year I read a book by Joel Osteen that helped me change my mind. Did you know that people have more heart attacks on Mondays, than any other day of the week. I didn't. Anyway, I thought for a long time what can I do to help take away my Monday blues. The answer; red nail polish. And, that my friends is why I look forward to Mondays. To some it may seem silly, but to me it makes perfectly good sense. Anyway, the people who think it's silly are the ones who get the Monday blues, so I get the last laugh because I start the week off with nothing but joy and happiness :D Ok, enough rambling and on to my mani.

I chose Rimmel Stiletto Red. I love Rimmel and their wide brush. The formula was a breeze to apply. I used 2 coats and topped with SV. This reminds me of one of Revlon's that I've yet to post, but I'll share that next Monday. I totally forgot to do a clean up, so sorry for that :(


  1. I love your philosophy. :) I don't mind Mondays but that's probably because I work 16 hours on the weekends. lol

  2. Thank you Elizabeth :D You only work weekends?

  3. haha, yep! I have school monday through friday and I also have to take care of two younger sibs. :) Monday is my good day!