Friday, January 13, 2012

Athens Goldie

Hi ladies, The weekend is here! I have some online classes I have to get done, so that's what I'll be doing every Friday for the next 3 months :/ Well, not ALL day, I have to go out somewhere, anywhere on Fridays because of my crazy New Year's resolution :/ What's the worst that can happen, I'll have fun?

Ok, Today I have my franken to share with you guys.  I was supposed to do this last Friday, but I didn't have an ingredient I needed.  Well, I received it yesterday!  This franken is for my niece Athens.  She's is a lovely little girl and sweet as can be.  She's girly girl.  When school was about to start, she and her mom went shopping, when she found out she was buying uniforms (khaki pants, blued and red shirts) she was so upset. She wanted pretty girly clothes.  She loves to do hair, nails, makeup and loves fashion. She's a girl after my own heart.  And, you know what?  We all let her give us makeovers :D Did you know Athens and Minerva are the same?  You can read here.  No, she wasn't named after me BUT I think it's quite a co-inky dink! HAHA

This is a very light turquoise with some Goldie iridescent glitter (get it, Goldie) LOL  I love this color but, I'll never be able to create something as beautiful as her! :D

Last year right before I started blogging we went to get our "Pretty Girl Rock" on so you get to hear the song :D

Now on to my inspiration for today's beautiful creation!
(She's drinking V-8)

This is how she wakes up :D

Isn't she just the most beautiful little girl! I love you Athens! Muah :D

Here she is with her mom my bff!


  1. The color is beautiful ! I cant wait to show her when i get home. its beautimus !

  2. Athens is so cute! :) I LOVE this franken!!

  3. This is such a pretty polish!! You make some good frankens girl! She is such a cutie!!