Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hi lovely ladies, It's 2012! A new year! Yay :D I've only been blogging since September, so I decided not to do a 2011 favs. Instead I'll be talking about the blogs and some of the people/companies I've come to love.

Blogs I love:

Lacquer Addictions:

This lovely girl is my niece and does wonderful manis.  I remember going to visit her mommy after she was born 22 years ago. She is the sweetest young lady and I love her so much. Click here to visit her and follow.

Colores de Carol:
She does amazing manis and is awesome with stamping. Click here to check out follow her great blog.

The Subtle Shimmer:
She's an awesome lady and does awesome manis too. She is also one of my twitter followers who let's me know when I have typos and she had my back when Zoya had their holiday flash promos. She twitted me, "Minnie, Zoya!" Her cue so I wouldn't miss another promo. Awesome chick! Click here to check out her wonderful blog.

Polish Obsession:
She's the sweetest and does great swatches. Click here

Glitter Gloss and Glaze:
She does amazing reviews of different products and is sweet to boot. Click here to check out and follow her awesome blog.

The Nail Side:
OMG! She's a beast with the tape! I blog stalk her all the time. HEHE :D I've tried some of her designs and they've turned out ok, not great and that's why you don't get to see those attempts. :) Click here to check her fabulous tape designs and follow her blog.

The Polished Perfectionist:
I love her blog she has the prettiest and hands and does some awesome manis. I learned here how to properly wrap my nails. Click here to check out and follow her blog.

The Polishaholic:
She does amazing manis and she lives by the most awesome food trucks ever. Every time I see her pics of theses food trucks, I pray that someone invents smello & eato-vision! lol Click here to check out and follow her blog.

Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup:
I love love love her blog! She has the most amazing eye for fabulous vintage AND she does polish swatches too! She's just awesome! Click here to check out her fabulous blog.

Fashion Polish:
I just love her manis! I don't know how she gets so close to nail bed with bleeding it! I just love it! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Click here to check out those fabulous manis.

Refined and Polished:
She does great swatches and shows us how we can pair our manis with our outfit or outfit with our mani. Click here to check her out.
These are just a few. I follow many more wonderful blogs and it was so hard to narrow down.

Companies I've come to love:

I will forever be a loyal fan/customer of Zoya. They have great CS. I had such a great time trying to win Christmas flash promo after promo. And, when I won boy did I win! I bought 6 polishes and came out with 24! Now that's a deal! They made it so much fun and I can't wait for Christmas this year! Click here to visit their site.

Sally Beauty Supply:
Their awesome PR rep made sure my local Sally's held a set of the Finger Paints flakies, when I was told they did not have them in yet. I went to 3 different stores looking for these babies! My local Sally's has great CS too! Click here to visit their site.

a England:
I had the opportunity to purchase my 1st a England polishes and was super excited. The lovely Adina made me feel special. She sent a signed business card wishing me luck on my polish journey. I thought that was such a sweet thing to do. One of my goals is to own her entire collection. LOL :) Click here to see why I want her collection :D

Cutex has been in my house since like ever! I will always be a Cutex fan. I will always have this product in my house! They have the best CS too! Click here to check out their products and nail care tips.

2011 has been an awesome year for me and I know 2012 is going to be even better! God has been so good to me, I never could have done so much without his loving grace and favor. I serve a God who knows the secret desires of my heart and wants to give me all those blessings.  I was able to leave my job and return to school without worries. I have a wonderful family and honey that supports everything I do. I have the most amazing BFF, my laotong. She always shares Funky Frenchies link. I started this blog and it's wonderfully growing. Just think when I started this blog I had zero followers and was talking to myself. Ok, well I only talked to myself for about a minute, because as soon as I let my family know I created Funky Frenchies they immediately followed. I'll never forget my 1st follower. Who was that? My Baby Boy (my son) What an awesome son I have! and now I have a whopping 39!  I'm so humbly honored that I have followers and people are genuinely interested and care about what I have to say.

My prayer for 2012:

I have a two wonderful sons and a daughter-in-law who are sons/daughter of the Most High God who are bright, smart, talented, funny and have bright futures ahead of them. They are approved, anointed and destined to live their lives in victory. Anything they touch will prosper. This is my declaration for my sons, daughter-in-law and everyone. In Your Name Jesus, Amen

I serve a God who says, there's nothing I can't do, because "if He is with me, who dare be against me." Who's going to be with me every single step of this journey He's given me. I know I'll stumble a little but He's going to be with me making sure I don't fall and if I do He's going to pick me up and get me going again. I know my warehouse of blessings will never be empty. God, I give all the honor and glory to you. Amen.

From Funky Frenchies have a happy nail polishing year :D


  1. Oh Minnie! Thanks so much for putting me on your list!! I'm so glad we found each other in this big blogging land:) I'm so impressed with how open you are about your faith; it's a real inspiration! Here's to hoping both our blogs grow exponentially in 2012!! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the mention Minnie!! Happy New Year to you too!! Wishing you all the best for 2012!

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