Friday, January 6, 2012

Sun-Sational vs Pippa

Hi ladies, It's Friday! Whoop Whoop! Monday, it's back to school for me :/ I want to be on vacy like forever! HAHA I have so much to say today so let's just get to it :D

Today, I have quick comparison of Zoya's Pippa and Ulta's Sun-Sational. To be fair the sun was out yesterday and today it was trying to come out. I think if the sun was as bright today there wouldn't be a difference in the pic, actually in real life, it may be an exact substitute for Pippa sun or not. Both formulas went on a bit streaky, but Zoya's leveled out nicely while Ulta's didn't. I paid $8 for Pippa and .50 for Sun-Sational, yes .50! I bought a ton of Ulta polish that day! You decide :D

Ok, On to my announcement! OMG I can hardly contain myself! As you all know I'm hosting a Celebration Giveaway. If you didn't, now you do :D First, I'm going to explain how I do my giveaways.  1) They will be open internationally and 2) No one has to be a follower of Funky Frenchies Blog, but you always have to email me a bit of info about yourself. It doesn't have to be your whole life history, just something about yourself. I've decided to do this giveaway a little different. I'm actually having 3 giveaways! For Funky Frenchies Blog, I'm giving the Zoya 2012 True Spring Collection along with the Fleck Effects! For my twitter followers I'm giving a england's Legend Collection! AND, for my Facebook fans I'm giving the Finger Paints Flakie Set! OMG, I am beyond excited! If you're a follower of all 3, that means you get three chances to win! I just want to include everyone, because I know how hard it can get to keep up with 3 social media services. The Giveaway will close February 13th at 11:59 P.M. and I'll announce the winner on Valentine's Day . Ok, let me add something. When I got the wonderful news about my mom on Pink Wednesday, it put me in a fabulous mood! I just want to share the happiness! Plus I love giving gifts! I don't host giveaways to get followers, although it would be nice, it's not why. I'm just happy I get to share something I love to do with people like me and y'all visit Funky Frenchies :D  I'll post the Give away with pics and details on the right side bar later. Good luck and have a great day ladies.

I'm doing the happy dance, today that dance is to Double Dutch Bus. Yes, I was doing the dance that he's doing in this video! I ain't old! HAHA!


  1. the yellow looks really cute on your nails! <3
    and your giveaway is too awesome 0_0 *faints*

  2. I just got Pippa for $3.99 @ Ulta. Can't wait to try her. Your pictures are making me excited!

  3. Thank you, you're gonna love her!