Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sunshine in a bottle

Hi lovely ladies :D It's almost the weekend! WHOOP WHOOP I wanted something bright and happy, today that color is yellow. I chose Zoya's Pippa and let me tell you it is AWESOME! Talk about sunshine in a bottle! I normally don't do yellows because I think they're like white polish; chalky. It isn't at all! The formula was great, although it went on a little streaky it leveled out when I added TC. I thought about putting it over white like I see so many others do to get the yellow to pop, but I didn't want to fuss with white, plus I got a little lazy :) I'm so glad I didn't because Pippa doesn't need help to pop! I was going to stamp it, but I want to enjoy it on it's own first :D I'll stamp it later. If you don't have Pippa, you should add it to your collection. Have a great day ladies :D Sorry about the crazy alignment, I'm to lazy to fix it :) Oh, this is 2 coats topped with Essie TC :D

See, sunshine a bottle!

In the shade.  


  1. Wow that is a bright yellow, but so pretty!! It looks great on you Minnie. That would cheer up anyone's day, lol.

  2. Hey again Minny! I'm passing on the Liebster Blog Award on to you. Check out the post on my page:

  3. Pretty color! I'm kind of torn on yellow polishes. Sometimes I love them; sometimes I really don't. I think it depends on the shade and the person's skin tone. I can say this color looks awesome on you!:)

  4. Thanks ladies, I had fun playing with a color I wouldn't normally use :D