Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Plan B

Hi ladies, I know today is Pink Wednesday and I did have a pink mani to show y'all, but my LP is nuts and won't upload my pics. I even took pics with my iCam and nothing is working. So, instead I have a franken I did a couple of weeks ago. This is my right hand so please excuse the awkwardness of my hands and the clean up is a bit sad. Two of the pics may seem like they're my right hand, but they're not. The magic of editing pics! Haha :D Not bad though, I've had much worse looking left handed painted manis. lol

Ok, this is a dark navy blue or royal blue. I think it's royal blue :D In this pic you really can't see the shimmer but it's there IRL and it looks awesome! I really love it! Now thinking about it I have 2 colors like this, the difference is the shimmer. One is Revlon Midnight Affair, which I've already posted about and a Zoya I have but haven't swatched but looking at the bottle is does look a bit similar. I used a Sally Hansen polish added some shimmer. I used SV BC, 2 coats of my franken and topped with Essie Good 2 Go TC.


  1. Thanks ladies :D Irl it's just awesome, too bad you can't see the shimmer in the pics :(

  2. I;m starting to like them more and more :D