Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi ladies, I hope y'all's week has been great so far. It's getting closer to the weekend! Whoop Whoop! 

Just a quick post. Today, I have Zoya Paz. This is a neon orange and when I say neon I mean neon! This is from their La-Di-Da collection. Zoya's description of this color: "Ultra-bright glowing neon traffic-cone orange creme. This outrageous shade is sure to stop traffic."  Well, that's an under statement if their ever was one! I was very surprised maybe even a bit startled. I felt I should be wearing a radio active suit or something O.o  I wasn't going to post this, but felt it deserved a post just for fun. The formula was great though, easy to apply, a one coater and dried to a matte finish. I didn't add TC. Have a great day ladies :D


  1. Wow that is so bright! I think I would find it too distracting and difficult to get anything done!

  2. Yes, it's bright, very bright! LOL

  3. Wow!! That's a bright orange!! It reminds me of candy for some reason. And summer of course. Pretty color!