Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

Hi y'all :D It's New Years Eve! WHOOP WHOOP! I'm in Downtown San Antonio bringing in the New Year with my honey, sissy, and my niece. :D I hope you all have a safe and happy new year's eve :D

Today, I have a England's Perceval. This is the most beautiful metallic red! The formula was a breeze to apply and the brush was great too! My complaint isn't with the polish, it's with my crazy camera I could not get a pic to show the awesomeness of this red :/ I was so excited as this is part of my 1st a England purchase and I must say I was not disappointed! I used 3 coats and sponged my tips with a England's Merlin. Perceval doesn't need 3 coats, I used 3 because I wanted a deep rich red :D I wasn't going to use this color, but once I opened the package I was like, "Oh yeah!" The next reason I decided to use this is because in the Mexican culture they say we should wear red undies on New Year's Eve to bring love :) You can read here for more Mexican New Year traditions. Well, I've already got love, and I sure do wanna keep it ;) If you don't have this color you totally should! Anyway, so this is my New Year's Eve red. I'm only adding only 1 pic, none of them were what I wanted. Then, I forgot to take a pic of Perceval alone. I'm so sorry and even sorrier for the poopie pic :(

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