Thursday, February 9, 2012

a England

Hi ladies, It's Thirsty Thursday! Ok, well not for me because I'll be in school :( Today I have a England Galahad and Morgan Le Fay from the Mythicals Collection. Galahad is a blue-green creme. I'm not really into cremes but the formula on this was great! It's thick without being too thick. Dry time was super fast. It dried to a glossy finish, none of my pics are with TC and they look great! The brush though had one stray so I had to make sure I used the opposite side (it was to short to pull or cut) None of the others I own have this  problem, so I'm guessing it's a one time thing. This is a one coater ladies! Yes, one coat! Out of habit I put 2. Then I added a coat of Morgan Le Fay and OMG I feel in love! This is a pink and turquoise shimmer. I was not expecting that! I was sitting in class, like 10 hours later O.O (yes, I had to edit my post!) and I'm looking at my hands and then, "WTH(eck) pretty pink and turquoise shimmer! ! It's like I have on a different color. Morgan Le Fay would be great for someone without a lot of time but wants something different. Great for layering. I never want to take this off! If you don't have this in your collection you totally should. I ordered 2 sets of The Legends Collection one for my Celebration Giveaway and one for me and I can't wait to play with those! Ok, I'm almost embarrassed about the insane amount of pics I have today (I said, almost.) HEHE I just couldn't help myself! Have a great day ladies :D


  1. This is gorgeous. Now I need to start layering my Morgan Le Fay polish :)

  2. It's awesome! idk, how I missed that when I was taking pics O.o