Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi lovlies, It's hump day. The weekend is halfway here! Yay!

I have Revlon Popular to show you today. Whenever (the only reason) I buy pink polish is for Pink Wednesday. LOL I went to Kroger (my local grocery store) and found this awesome pink. Now, you know I don't get down with pinks, but this is such a feminine color. I think this is my new fav baby pink! I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I loved it so much, I bought this for this weekends mini giveaway :D I used 2 coats of a very sheer baby pink base color and 1 coat of Popular.The formula was a bit thin, but I found it manageable and I think it had just the right amount of glitter.  I'm thinking though, you could probably use 3 coats of Popular by itself. I did try to use this on it's own, but like Whimsical, it's best layered. The base color I used came in a set and doesn't have a name, I put a pic of it so you all can see what it looks like. Have a great day ladies :D


  1. Minnie, I see you're liking pink more and more ;0). This looks so pretty on you.

  2. Jen, you had this on too!? Lol

    Thank you, Marisa I'm almost doing what the girl said. I'm just keep my mind open to pinks. Hehe :D