Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jewelry Red

Good morning ladies, I hope y'all's weekend is off to great start. :D

Today, I have KLEANCOLOR Jewelry Red. I bought this during the holidays last year. I was driving and saw a beauty supply store and decided to stop and take a look at what they had. This is the second time this has happened while I was driving around this great big city called Houston. Once inside I noticed they didn't really carry any of the newest nail colors or big brands, They mainly carried Sinful colors and KLEANCOLOR and the bottles had dust on them like they'd been there a while, they did have other brands but I can't remember which they were. Anyway, Jewelry Red caught my eye (probably because it's red) I've been itching to wear this since I bought it. I have so many reds and could wear them everyday! Ok, back to my mani. I used to 2 coats of Jewelry Red, 2 coats of FP Flashy and topped with Essie Good 2 Go. I love they way the flakes look with this color. Red is so hard to capture :/ These are all inside with and w/o flash and in different parts of my house, so lighting is different in the pics.

                                                         No Flash


No flash 


  1. I love that you are using Flashy on tip of the red. I have Essie's Shine of the Times, and I love to put it on top of reds as well!

  2. Gahh. Why must blogger insist on subscribing me to funkyfrenchie*S*nails when I'm following you here?! No wonder I couldn't find your blog updates on my reader. :(
    This is a gorgeous red btw!

  3. Thanks ladies, I had this on for 3 days!That's a long time for me O.O

  4. This is a gorgeous red!!! I want it!

  5. I love it too! And, it's only 1.99 :D