Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hi ladies, It's Thankful Thursday and only 2 days til the weekend! WOOT WOOT!

I went to Ulta a few months ago and found this purple/mauve Sula nail polish. It says, you don't need polish remover to remove this polish. I was like is that even healthy? I mean to pull the polish off, aren't you taking off cells or something from your fingernails? But, in my mind I'm like, "Hmm...I wanna check this out." Ok, I don't like to say negative things about nail polishes, but I'm going to be honest here. It's a lip gloss tube-like and has top coat on one side and the NP on the other side. You could see the brush stroke, it wasn't anything small  (I can tolerate that.) No, this was large brush strokes. You know what, I'm just gonna let you all see for yourself. I didn't want to remove it because, well, I love nail polish. So, I decided to use FingerPaints Flashy over it. You can't see the brush strokes very much. Oh, I was able to pull the polish off my nail without remover, but not all of it came off and I still had to use remover.


  1. I love it even more with the flakies!! Very pretty!

  2. Why would they make a polish to peel off? You don't have skin cells attached to your nails, but you would be removing layers of nails making them weak. Ugh, sorry this didn't work out at well as you hoped!

  3. Wow, definitely see the streaks. :(

  4. Marisa, flakies make everything prettier. lol

    Jen, my question exactly!

    Elizabeth, I know right! And, that was 2 coats :(