Monday, February 6, 2012

Red Carpet

Hi ladies, It Monday, the start of a brand new :D I hope it's starting off great and hope y'all's weekend was awesome too.

Today, I have Orly Red carpet. First let me say, My fav nail color is red. I may be a little biased because I love love love RED! This color did not disappoint. This is a cherry red with micro glitter. The formula was good, no problems application was pretty easy. I can't say it was too sheer I used 2 coats and topped CG TC, if you want you could use a 3rd. I say that because it's like, "hmm, maybe a 3rd coat wouldn't hurt." I didn't, because I just don't like to do 3 coats if I don't have to. As I was thinking about the name 'Red Carpet' it sounded  familiar so I went back and found Sally Hansen Red Carpet you can click here to see that post. Man my nails were long! I really miss them :( I just started blogging when I used Sally Hansen's Red Carpet. Sally Hansen's is darker than Orly's, but I love them both. You may be seeing a lot of reds for Valentines's Day, some with designs some not :D Have a nice day ladies :D


  1. I'm loving this red. I need it in my collection

  2. Oh my gosh!! This is an awesome red!!!

  3. This is an awesome red! 3 weeks ago I went on red nail polish shopping spree and bought 3 from Orly :D