Thursday, October 13, 2011

Emerald City

Hi everyone, It's Thursday! My new camera got here yesterday WHOOP WHOOP and I'm totally excited! I've been playing with it ever since! I got used to my iCamera and haven't figured this thing out so please bear with some crazy pics :D My honey and I are going on a mini vacay tomorrow! We're San Antonio bound in the A.M. I get to see my sissy and get lost in one of the best cities ever! For today's mani I chose green. It's a matted green and looks awesome! It was a breeze to apply and buttery smooth and only needed 1 coat, which I was thrilled about. It did get a bit grainy once it was dry. Still a great polish. I ended up putting a top coat so you can't tell it's matte. If I didn't delete the matted pic I'll post it. I don't have a lot of experience with stamping, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to practice. Since I choose a dark base color I figured any dark color to stamp would work so the flaws wouldn't be to noticeable. The first color I grabbed was a sky blue, but you can't tell it's blue. It just looks like I used the same color to stamp. I must say it looks quite good :)  and you can't really see where I had to re-stamp :) Ok my peeps I have to get ready for tomorrow. I may not post for the next few days, idk :0) P.S. The pic on the right side bar is me and my honey. Have a great day :D


1 coat SV, 1 coat Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City, 1 coat SV, stamped with BM19, 1 coat SV

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