Friday, October 7, 2011

John Legend

Hi everyone, It's Friday! Tonight my honey and I are having movie night. We're watching My Sister's Keeper. I know it's kinda sad, but it's a moving story. Today's mani is motivated by John Legend, I was listening to 'Platinum and Gold' and this mani was created :D I used to have the CD but someone stole it :/ Anyway, I wanted some bling bling! It turned out exactly like I pictured in my head :D It totally rocks! I could've done just a gold and layered it with silver glitter polish and be done, but I thought that would've been too sharp. I wanted something soft so I sponged. Great job me! Hehe...Have great Friday :D

I'm putting 2 pics because I couldn't decide.
1 coat Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat, 2 layers Pure Ice Pure Ice Platinum, sponged Savvy Golden Honey Nail Lacquer, 2 coats Sally Girl mini silver glitter (sorry it doesn't have a name) 2 coats Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat.

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