Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hi everyone, It's Sunday and of course that means my honey will be watching blah blah (football) all day :/ On the bright side I get to play with my nail polish :D Today I have a metallic olive gold from butter london. I love the formula. I could have done 1 thick coat, but I prefer to do 2 thin coats. If I liked olives, I'd sure eat a metallic gold olive. LOL This color is awesome! Ok, my peeps. This is short so I can post some wedding pics. The Wedding was wonderful! I love my family so much! I hope you all enjoy the pics. P.S. The pic on the side is my grandma and me :D

My Brother and My BFF 

My Brother and my BFF giving the toast.

The Wedding Cake

The Grooms Cake

My Grandma and my Brother dancing. My Grandma wanted to dance all night! lol :D

My mom and Larry getting their dance on! (Larry is my sissy's BFF's husband)

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