Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Easy breezy

Hi everyone, Happy Wednesday! I bought some make up sponges a while back and didn't like them and they've been in my cabinet collecting dust, well I finally found a use for them. MY NAILS! This is my first time ever sponging and I have to say it's so easy! I should've added red to it too but, I never sponged before and was just excited at how easy it is and just wasn't thinking. Next time. I also forgot to wrap my tips :/ Now that I know how easy sponging is I'll be doing a lot more of it. I can't wait! I chose yellow and orange because I wanted something cheery and today that felt like yellow and orange. Ok, well I have 2 tests tomorrow so I've got to study. Bye everyone :)
1 coat of Seche Ultra V, 2 coats of Wet n Wild fast dry The Wonder Yellows as my base coat, sponged with Crayola Orange, 1 coat of Kleancolor My Rightful Throne, 1 coat Seche Ultra V.

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