Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was blog surfing and saw a design I liked and decided to try it. I kinda got scared of the tape. I was supposed to use 3 pieces of tape (I did on my thumb) for each nail but, like I said, scared-itis got the better me and I used only 2. Next time I won't be scerd! My thumb did turn out great. I can see the many imperfections and I am my worst critic. I WILL BE PERFECTING MY TECHNIQUE!!! I get an "A" for effort :) I'm kinda embarrassed to post the pic, but I will. I'm using a polish I've never used, Nina Ultra Pro and I love it! It's so thick and went on smooth like whipped cream.
1 coat of Seche Ultra V Top Coat, 2 coats of Nina Ultra Pro Love Struck, taped my nails, 1 coat of Wet & Wild fast dry Ebony Hates Chris, and 1 coat Seche Ultra V Top Coat.

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