Thursday, September 29, 2011

Simply Green

Hey everybody, I'm feeling better than I was yesterday :D This mani is just a nice and simple mani I used two greens. The tip is a dark green. This green is from Finger Paints and is a beauty alone. It's a deep deep dark green (like seaweed green) I'll do that tomorrow, so y'all can see the beauty. I recently purchased Beauty Secrets Fast Dry, it's not a top coat. I used it instead of a top coat just to smooth everything. And, it really didn't quicken the dry time. I think it actually took longer :/ Ok, I must apologize for the not so great pic, I've yet to get a camera. I wish the camera fairy would pay me a visit. LOL Hey she leaves money for lost teeth, why not lost cameras. Hehe :D Project Runway tonight! Have a great evening!  P.S, Thank you Jesus for sending us the much needed rain!  

1 coat Beauty Secrets Top Coat, 2 coats Wet n Wild fast dry Sage in the City, tipped with Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow, and Beauty Secrets Fast Dry.

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