Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Mani

Hi ladies, The weekend is almost at an end :( Yesterday I told y'all about my little project. I'm still not done, almost done though :D

Today, I have Butter London Come To Bed Red. I've had this polish since October. It's one my bf gave me for my birthday. For some reason I just didn't care for the way it looked, so I decided to use just 1 coat where as before I did 2 Coats. 1 coat is so much better! There is very minimal VNL. Formula wise it's great. The brush to me was just average like any other. I stamped with plate m59 and sponged with Sally Girl So Disco. The VNL didn't bother me because I knew I was going to stamp and sponge. You can't even tell. I'm just loving this Christmas mani :D All pics are direct sunlight except the last one. Have a great day ladies, time for to do more Christmas shopping :D

See, very minimal VNL 


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