Saturday, December 10, 2011

Swatch Guidebook

Hi lovely ladies! It's the weekend :D I won't be doing a new mani today. Instead I'm going to be working on a project. The lovely lady from Not Another Nail Blog has a Swatch Guidebook of her polishes so when she's out polish shopping she'll never buy the same one again. Great idea right! Click here to check out her blog and click here to follow her on Twitter. When I started, I swiped the polish on the page, but the polish sank through the page, not good. So, I bought some white stickers and swatched each color and just stuck it in my book. I'm not done adding everything in, I needed a little break and thought I'd share her creative idea. In the pics some of the polish smeared, but who cares :D I think it's just wonderful. My book snaps closed and fits perfectly in my purse. I did have another book with penguins, but this is much more Funky Frenchie :D Thanks so much Not Another Nail Blog for the great idea! Have a great day ladies :D

                                                             This is the front

This is the inside. Every page says Simply Fabulous

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