Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crowned Warriors

Hi ladies, It's PinkWednesday. I'm in week 8 of my 12 week challenge. I chose to do Warrior Symbol Crown. Last week I told y'all I was going to do something different this week. Well, I've decided it's ok for me not to use pink nail polish. Yeah, I said it, no pink polish if I don't wanna :D And, since it's my challenge I can change the rules if I want to. :D I'm like why am I torturing myself? No, I'm not gonna torture myself. I will get back to pink eventually and if the mood strikes me. ok, enough of my ramblings.

Today I have NYC Chelsea. I love this color, it's pomegranate looking. The formula is thin, but so easy to work with, the brush is medium sized and awesome. I used 2 coats, topped with SV, and stamped with Color Club Gingerbread Man using plate bm08. My crowns are a little crooked, but oh well. My fingers smell like gingerbread cookies, I love it. I haven't used Gingerbread Man alone, I'm thinking I'll use this as tomorrow's mani :D In the pics you can see a slight purple shimmer. I really like this color. Ok, I'm off to study for tonight's final. Have a great day ladies!

Crowned Warrior: Remind us that breast cancer touches the lives of both genders.

I dedicate this mani to my Warrior mom and Crowned Warriors everywhere.

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