Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Red Alert

Hi everyone It's Tuesday and I hope Y'all's week is off to a great start! I've been studying for my midterm, which is today. For what seems like forever! My brain is on overload! I needed a mani to get my mind off all that stuff like: renal pelvis, renal cortex, renal medulla, blah blah blah :/ I give it to you JC! WHOOP WHOOP!

Warning: This post is a bit wordy. Now would be a great time to skip to pics if you want :D

Ok, on to my mani. If I could wear one color every single day, it would be RED! I love red on my nails, clothes, shoes! Red everywhere! Ok, not really everywhere, but you get the point :D This red is an inexpensive red from the dollar store called I.C.E. Red Alert. Any store I go to I always check if they have nail polish. If something catches my eye I don't pass and usually buy it. I'm no discriminator of polish. Although, I do have some Simple Pleasures nail polish that smell just terrible and probably won't ever use! The sad thing about it is they are such great 1 coat polishes :( Back to the polish, I used 1 coat, (yes 1 coat!) of Red Alert as my base coat and 1 coat of Klean Color Red-Hot. Red-Hot is large hex glitter and some small glitter in the mix in a red base. I can't really tell what color the glitter is, it looks gold in the pic. I thought how I was going to photo my hands because of the middle finger nail cracking and then finally it just ran it's course. I filed my nails practically to the nubin! Anyway, I figured I'd keep doing what I do, it's just a nail, it'll grow back in no time. It is what it is :D Ok, my lovely lady friends have a great day!

                                                         Inside no flash

Inside w/flash 

Outside no sunlight 

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