Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa's Cinnamon

Hi lovely ladies, It's Monday again. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend :D I did. I shopped all weekend! I can't wait for Christmas!

Today, I have Color Club Santa's Cinnamon. I LOVE this color! #1 it's red, already a plus. #2 it's smells delicious, #3 it's bling bling! Red is my absolute fav nail polish. I was talking to my BMF and he asked "how many polishes do you have?" I told him the number and he said, "I bet they're all red." haha :) I just love red polish! I used 2 coats and because this polish is very gritty and thirsty, I used 4 coats of 60 Second Rush Top Coat. I have absolutely no complaints about this polish. The formula was great and the brush easy to work with. I wish we had smell-o-vision, because this is one awesome bling bling smelling polish!

 Sorry, about all the pics I was so excited! Have a great day :D

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