Saturday, December 3, 2011

Izzy & Kissy

Hi my lovely ladies. It's the weekend! WHOOP WHOOP! Sorry, I didn't post yesterday. I went shopping instead :D I came out with so many awesome things! And, I bought myself some great polishes too!

I have some irritating news, within 2 weeks I chipped/broke 4 nails and yes 1 on my picture hand :/ I bought some miracle fix (more about that in a sec) and filed my nails down to give my broken nail a chance to grow. Miracle fix is supposed to create a very hard coat on the nail until it grows. I have to say, it works awesome! My nail cracked in half 4 days ago. You can't even tell my nail is cracked. I bet y'all are gonna try to figure out which nail is cracked now! HAHA

Mani time! Today I have Izzy and Kissy. If you don't know by now, I'm not a pink nail kind of gal. While it is pretty, I just don't care for it on my nails. The funny thing is I love pink! Well, I just love Izzy! This a 1 coater! Yes, a 1 coater! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Sorry, I forgot to take pics of Izzy, not to worry I'll be using this for Pink Wednesday :D I added 2 coats of Kissy and SV Top Coat. Kissy is a wonderful red, pink, purple, and bar glitter. My nails look like they're having a confetti party. Both formulas are great, no complaints :D Ok, on to the pics. Have a great day ladies! P.S Danielle (CSR) at Zoya, I've talked to you twice in a month and you're the sweetest thing!

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