Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Carmen Re-Mixed

Hi my lovely friends, It's Tuesday and I'm feeling great and hope y'all are too! I had some time today to change up yesterday's mani (I did my homework in class yesterday) I didn't want to part with Zoya's Carmen, so I sponged with Milani Gold Glitz and went over it with Sally Girls silver hex. Sorry there's no name on the bottle. When I wore Gold Glitz alone a few weeks ago half my nails chipped w/in 2 hours! No bueno :/ The pictures do not do this mani justice, and it's raining, so I can't get good pics. This is so sparkly, I just love it! I was going to use Savvy Golden Honey to sponge, but couldn't find it. This is my 2nd polish to disappear :/ I don't have a big stash, so where they're at is a mystery. Have a great Tuesday :D

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