Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love Nails

Hi everyone, It's Thursday and to some that means Thirsty Thursday. For me it's laundry day :/ For today's mani I let my BF to chose the color and he chose Sinful Colors Love Nails and I stamped with bm203. It's a very lovely sky blue with green undertones. Ok, I have to say, I smudged like 3 fingers so I had to redo my base coat. The first time around I had no issues doing what I do (3 coats and SVTop Coat), but the second time around my base coat dried with bumps (3 coats and Sally Beauty Top Coat) I think it's the top coat I used :/ I saw a bottle of top coat and wondered why it was still full (I have no no full bottles of top coat.) So, I said I'll just use this one. As my nails were drying I noticed bumps and remembered that's why the bottle's full! It did the same thing the first time I used it! Arrgghh! If I didn't have laundry to do I'd do it again, but I have no more time to play today! LOL Have an awesome Thursday :D
                                                            No bumps :)

                                                             See the Bumps :(

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