Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hi everyone. I hope everyone's week is going great! Today I have MAC's Cream Fatigues. It's green with a lot of gray to it. Idk about this one. I didn't like the color on it's own. The best way to describe how I feel about this color is 'ehh'  I'll probably get some use out of it though, for some ideas I have. So, it's not a total loss. Anyway I used 2 coats and stamped with sh22 and topped with SV. After I stamped it, I felt I should be in a swamp or marsh somewhere. lol The color looks gray in the pic :/ and the sun isn't out, that's why I haven't posted any sunlight pics. I'm still practicing my stamping skills, so please forgive my boo boo's :) Have a great day everyone :D

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