Monday, November 28, 2011

Jingle Jangle

Hi my lovely lady friends! It's the start of a brand new week! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Today, I have 2 Color Clubs. I used Shabby Drab as my base coat and layered Jingle Jangle over it. I love both colors, maybe not together though. Shabby Drab to me looks like a dark lavender. Jingle Jangle is an awesome pink and blue glitter in a clear base. Both were great formulas, very easy to apply. I have no complaints about these two polishes. On me these colors look nursery rhyme-ish. Not my look, but it's still pretty. Next time I'll use it over a navy blue. Now, about the pics. My thumb is 1 coat of Shabby Drab w/2 coats of Jingle Jangle. My pinky is 5 coats of Jingle Jangle and the fingers in between are 2 coats of Shabby Drab and 1 Coat of Jingle Jangle. If you want a smooth look you should put 2-3 layers of top coat. All have 1 coat of SV Top Coat. You'll know which two pics are with flash. Haha :D Warning: Picture heavy!

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